Testing and Pre-commissioning services for Medium / Low
voltage Electrical equipments including supply of skilled

Complete Testing and Pre-commissioning of Sub stations including HV/MV/LV Switch gear, Transformer, Battery & Charger, Power & Control cables, etc. We can supply skilled technicians for installation of Electrical and Instrument equipment's / Cables and Systems.

We do the following test equipment
Measurement of the insulation resistance
High voltage testing of Bus bars and circuit breakers
Functional tests on Vacuum / SF6 /Air Circuit Breakers and Earth Switches
Sequential operation Tests
Testing of Potential transformers ( PT )
Testing of current transformers by primary injection testing.
Testing of characteristics and operation of Protection Relays and Meters by secondary injection testing and setting of Relays
We do the following tests on Transformers
Oil Dielectric test
Ratio and Phase Relationship test.
Insulation resistance test.
Functional Check on all instruments/components.
We do the following Electrical tests
Battery charge / discharge tests.
Testing the lighting and small power system
Testing of Earthing system
Installation of Fire Alarm / CCTV and access control systems
Installation of LAN and Telecom systems.


The Management of Power Corp is committed to the Health and Safety of its Employees and for all who are involved in our works. Protection of employees from injury or occupational
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