Quality Assurance System

Next To the safety system, the company prefers Quality control system as the second objective to the management and is committed to deliver the highest quality of products and performance. Our company has been maintaining high degree of reputation with its Clients/ Principals (Power, Petrochemicals, Petroleum and Oil Sectors), by always serving both with the highest quality standards that we always regard as our highest priority.
The skills and knowledge of employees is the company's most valuable asset. Skilled specialists are mobilized to provide customers with service and advice on all aspects of Construction activities. The Company depends on its technical superiority, schedule commitment and Management skills to secure Awards. We are very competitive in terms of relative cost to high quality and short execution of any Project. The Company documents and maintains the quality system as means of ensuring the services confirms to the specified customer requirements .


The Management of Power Corp is committed to the Health and Safety of its Employees and for all who are involved in our works. Protection of employees from injury or occupational
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